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Why G&G

We use the most luxurious Australian & N.Z Merino lambskins, certified for safe infant use, to create your liners and rugs. This means there are no chemicals in our products. All our colours are exclusive, designer led and will look stunning in all prams and nurseries.

Why Choose Merino 

Merino is the finest wool, which is ultra soft next to your baby's skin. It is proven to reduce the symptoms of eczema on babies as the fibres are therapeutic for sensitive skin. Your baby can now enjoy travelling in luxury from day one with G&G liners for selected car seats, carrycots and all brands of prams and strollers. 

Tailor-Made Pram Liners

With G&G, we have combined luxury with safety and comfort. This is why we create tailor made liners so that your baby can enjoy all the benefits of merino from birth by creating the best styles for all carrycots, moses baskets and prams. 

Merino Sheepskin, Lambskin and Fleece rugs and pram liners for Babies, Baby - Gabe & Grace

Why G&G?
Why choose a G&G Lambskin? We are specialists in nursery lambskin products and only sell the safest and best quality Merino lambskins. All our liners and trims are hand made to order in the UK.
Your Baby deserves...The best start in life to promote wellbeing...The safest environment...The highest quality to provide comfort.
Why Merino Lambskins? Being the softest wool fibres, they encourage healthy sleeping patterns and create a temperature regulating environment for your baby.
What is a "baby approved" lambskin? A lambskin that is tested to strict EU regulations and meets the requirements for babies and infants. G&G lambskins liners and rugs are created out of sheepskins which have obtained certification for safe infant use.
We serve your needs by providing a bespoke design service for prams, buggies, car seats, cots and bassinets