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Our Commitment

All Gabe & Grace lambskins are genuine, natural and safe for use with babies.

Our commitment to you is that G&G lambskin / sheepskin products are made using ONLY the best Australian and New Zealand Merino lambskins which are world renown for being the softest, finest quality of fleece.

Tanned to a very high specification, using a more natural, eco-tan process, making them safe for babies.


All of our lambskin products are made using an eco-friendly method of production.  No harsh chemicals are used.

In particular, our focus is to ensure that for substances of concern, we meet international standards, such as those set by OEKO-TEX.

Testing is routinely carried out using the in-house laboratories, and this is backed up by regular testing by recognised independent laboratories such as;  Bureau Veritas, TUV, and Intertex. .

That's because we want you to buy with total confidence and reassurance. This ultimately means that they are safe and gentle to use from birth onwards. 


BUT, please note that this strict criteria does not apply to sheepskin floor rugs which can be bought in the high street and which are misleadingly being masqueraded as designer baby pram liners on auction sites. In sheepskins designed for the home, significant levels of chemicals are permitted in the tanning process, as they are intended for floorcoverings, not for contact with babies and therefore can be potentially harmful.