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Sheepskin Care

Posted by MGFW 20/01/2022 0 Comment(s)
How to Wash, Spot Clean and Maintain Your Baby Sheepskin Pram Liners and Baby Rugs.
Gabe & Grace luxury merino sheepskins are specifically designed for use with babies and young infants as they are made from sheepskins which meet the strictest requirements set by a leading EU organisation on Leather Standards. So, you can rest in the knowledge that your baby is enjoying sheepskin liners and rugs which are free from harmful chemicals.
Sheepskins are naturally stain and dirt repellent and will not require regular cleaning like other articles of bedding. For spot cleaning localised soiling and stains, we highly recommend using Gabe & Grace Spot Cleaner to freshen up your sheepskin. Buy G&G Sheepskin Spot Cleaner here:
If it is essential to fully clean your baby sheepskin pram liner or baby rug, it can be specialist dry cleaned, machine or hand washed. All sheepskins change slightly in appearance after washing and this is one of their best loved features as they get used.
TO MACHINE WASH:  Use max three teaspoonfuls of Gabe & Grace Shampoo Wool Wash. Select wool cycle. DO NOT EXCEED 30°C. DO NOT USE FABRISH SOFTENERS. Buy G&G Sheepskin Wool Wash here: 
TO DRY: Gently spin or squeeze out excess water. Lay on a clean towel to air dry naturally, away from direct heat or sunlight, as this may affect the colour and texture. Whilst drying, it is vital to gently pull and stretch the sheepskin into shape and to repeat this as it dries.
Lastly, brush wool fibres with wire brush to help restore its soft fluffy appearance.
- When you first receive your sheepskin, please brush away any loose fibres from the edges and any harness slits. This is from the cutting process.
- Regularly shake and air. Use a wire brush to restore its fluffy wool pile.
- Spot clean minor spillages or soiling immediately.
- If dry cleaning, ensure that the sheepskin is sufficiently aired to remove odours.
- DO remember that a sheepskin is a LUXURY item and should be treated as such, in the same way you would treat a cashmere jumper!
- DO maintain it by brushing and airing regularly.
- DO NOT leave in direct sunlight.
- DO NOT leave on hot surfaces.
- DO NO brush midi or long wool when damp.
Like all natural materials, sheepskin will fade if exposed to prolonged sunlight. If your pram / buggy is stored in direct sunlight, then the sheepskin should be removed or covered to avoid the risk of sun damage. Please be mindful that some sun creams and lotions also can stain natural materials.