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Essentials Kit

Posted by MGFW 21/01/2022 0 Comment(s)



A totally uique cleaning system by G&G. 


This is our new travel size Essentials Kit so you can clean localised spillages immediately, out and about or to be kept handy at home without having to wash the entire sheepskin. We always recommend spot cleaning your sheepskin first


Our kit contains everything you need for those urgent clean up moments: a small bottle of G&G Spot Cleaner, a bamboo cotton flannel and it's own organic cotton wash pouch, bamboo wire brush and hand sanitiser for your own personal hygiene should things get messy!


No more trying to find a cloth or brush! Now you can take care of your sheepskin with a specially formulated cleaner and best of all...there is no need to rinse!


Leaves your sheepskin smelling so fresh and gives you the reassurance it is safe and germ free for your baby to use straight away.