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Moses Basket Liners

Posted by MGFW 22/01/2022 0 Comment(s)

Launching our new Baby's First G&G Sheepskin Liner©


Our new Baby’s First G&G Sheepskin Liner© is a registered design and is completely unique. We hand cut it in our studio, from a single premium merino sheepskin and it is shaped to fit moses baskets, carrycots and bassinets.  


The Baby’s First G&G Sheepskin Liner© was designed with safety as well as comfort in mind. In line with the national guidelines for safe infant sleep, we advocate simplicity and do not promote badly fitted sheepskins that can be tucked under mattresses or come up the sides of baby’s sleeping environment.


To design this liner, we took hundreds of templates and mastered them into one shape. This liner is oval in style and will fit most most moses baskets and bassinets and carrycots from the most popular manufacturers. These include: the Bugaboo  Donkey, Buffalo, Bee, Cameleon, Silver Cross, M&P, Baby Jogger, icandy, Britax, and also prams with sliding harnesses such as Uppababy and Cybex.


We have also added slits so that it can be used in the main seats of the above branded prams too, when your baby is ready to sit up. The difference between this liner a custom liner and our other Signature or Compact liners is that it is narrower at the top and bottom, is a generic oval shape rather than tailored to follow the curves of an individual pram so that it fits much safer in baskets, bassinets and carrycots.