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"What Does The Back Look Like?"

Posted by MGFW 22/03/2023 0 Comment(s)

“What does the back look like?”


We have noticed that there has been an increase in the frequency of this question. So clarification would help. The question is: “What do Gabe & Grace sheepskin pram liners look like on the back?


G&G pram liners are ONE SINGLE PREMIUM SHEEPSKIN. On the back, you will see a beautiful white, clean, supple suede with hand-cut slits and a label. There are no construction stitches. That’s it!


When you order a sheepskin pram liner from us, it is ALWAYS cut from one single sheepskin, unless stated in the description. We grade this as a premium pram liner when it is cut from ONE premium sheepskin.


A pram liner made from one single sheepskin is:


more luxurious and of higher quality. A liner made from one single sheepskin displays the natural beauty of the sheepskin. The wool is flowing in one direction. It creates a more cohesive and visually appealing product. The stitching used to create a stitched liner disrupts the natural flow of the material. It causes the product to appear imperfect and less aesthetically pleasing. It is because pieces from different skins get used. No two skins are identical.


more durable than a stitched version. A single sheepskin means there are no weak points in the product. It reduces the likelihood of it tearing or fraying over time. It is important to parents who want to invest in products that will last for more than one child. Able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.


more sustainable. To produce a full-piece pram liner requiress fewer resources. It will also have a longer lifespan than a stitched version. At Gabe & Grace we aim to be as environmentally responsible as possible. To this end, we cut premium liners from one piece of sheepskin. Besides, we do not use overseas labour to process our liners. We hand-cut them ourselves here in the UK.


Why do manufacturers stitch liners?


The only reason we stitch a product together is when we have made the liner with:


 - different coloured sheepskins for design purposes. In this case, we always use premium sheepskin, not offcuts.


 - single colour off cut pieces. We call it “patchwork” and price them cheaper. Patchwork liners are much cheaper than full-piece liners. It is a fabulous way to reduce waste while still making a beautiful product at an affordable price. Note that we do not consider patchwork liners to be premium.


Other reasons manufacturers may stitch pieces together to make liners are when:


- a beautiful sheepskin has a flaw that can get cut out to save the rest of the skin.


- the liner pattern allows more than one liner to come out of the sheepskin to maximise profits. By way of example, it could mean that three sheepskins make four liners.


There is no reason to cut up single-colour sheepskins to make pram liners. We insist on giving you the best. The value and quality of the product is in the minimal amount of processing. A whole sheepskin has more value than one stitched together.  


We love that you are asking us this question. We have written this blog so that you are aware of what you are buying when you buy from us.


Always, with love.