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Striped Luxury Lambskin Baby Rug

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Striped Luxury Lambskin Baby Rug

Begin a new stripey trend! G&G Jewel rugs are made with dual colour lambskins from our range. 

These beautiful rug are amazing quality and multifunctional in their uses: they can be used as a play mat and as part of your child / baby's bedding. When used as bedding, it is recommended that young babies under the age of one are positioned on their backs and that the lambskin is covered with a sheet . Older children will enjoy lying directly on the lambskin.

Lambskins provide wonderful sleep promoting qualities to babies and young children and can be of particular comfort when your child is feeling under the weather or has skin conditions or rashes such as the Chicken Pox. The inherent qualities of lambskin are temperature balancing and they relieve pressure points - the skin to skin contact is not only enjoyable, but calming and soothing for young babies and children, thereby giving comfort and aiding sleep.