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Biscotto Luxury Single Bed Underlay

Biscotto Luxury Single Bed Underlay
Product Code: UND020
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Now in stock our new generation bed underlay / mattress topper as requested by so many.

We have been asked so often by parents if we had something even bigger than our rugs to cover the whole single bed for a child....and something that they could have on their own bed! 

This super soft lambskin bed underlay fits single beds and is the ultimate in luxury. Great all year round and a lovely way to celebrate moving into a bigger bed. Ideal for grown ups too!

These are made from the same award winning merino wool lambskins as the rest of our baby safe range.


Key Points
Product CodeUND020
ColourWarm biscuit
Dimensions Measures approx 70cm x 150cm (may vary)
Pile LengthShorn to 30mm, ideal for young infants.
Shape & FitMade to fit on top of single bed mattress. Predominantly full lambskins with minor patchwork. No backing, left natural.