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Luxury Sheepskin Baby Rug in Perl Midi ~PERFECT FOR NEWBORN PICS.

Brand: Gabe And Grace
Product Code: RUG12
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Luxury Sheepskin Baby Rug in Perl Midi ~PERFECT FOR NEWBORN PICS.



Our MIDI luxury range of merino sheepskin rugs have a longer, wool pile than our shorn sheepskins, yet are still suitable for young babies.  With a soft, fluffy wool pile, they are also a generous 90+cm in length so can be enjoyed for many years as your baby grows. 

Perla is white, but due to being unbleached, has slightly creamier tips and looks fabulous in all nursery settings. G&G lambskins provide a luxurious, comforting and relaxing surrounding whilst on the move, or at home. Babies tend to be calmer and more comfortable on lambskins while they spend much time lying down and thriving in their early months. Our baby rugs are the perfect snuggle companion at playtime, for tummy time, nap time and out and about picnic time!

Benefits for your baby :

  • Baby remains cool in summer and snug in winter, suitable all year round.
  • Kind to baby's sensitive skin.
  • Absorbs moisture and releases back into the air, so the lambskin stays dry too.
  • Hygienically clean, minor spills can be sponged off.
  • Anti-bacterial: wool is naturally dirt repellant.
  • Aids sleep promotion, by helping to balance temperature.
  • The dense pile helps to relieve pressure points.
  • Created from sheepskins eco certified for safe infant and baby use by a leading EU independent testing institute.This ensures our sheepskins are free and safe from harmful chemicals, thereby making them safe for being in contact with baby's skin.

When used as part of baby's bedding, it is recommended that young babies under the age of one should be positioned on their backs and that the lambskin is covered with a sheet to keep it in place. Older childern will enjoy lying directly on it.


Key Points
Product CodeRUG12
ColourBeautiful white colour
Dimensions90+ cm length
Pile LengthMidi wool pile length
Product CareCan be hand or machine machine washed on 30 degree cycle, using Gabe & Grace wool wash shampoo. Gentle soiling, wipe clean only. Air and shake rather than brush to restore wool fibres.