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Luxury Sheepskin Liner Made to Fit Bloom Coco Rocker. Various colours

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Luxury Sheepskin Liner Made to Fit Bloom Coco Rocker. Various colours

Babies love to be gently rocked to sleep and what better way than cuddled up on a G&G merino sheepskin. These are G&G liners and are made to fit the Bloom Rocker. They are also generous enough to be transferable to prams with a standard 5 point harness. 

Merino offers babies a number of health benefits including the relief of pressure points during their many hours of lying down in their early months. 

G&G sheepskins are babysafe, luxuriously soft and this comes with its own Essential Kit to keep it looking like new.

Buy with confidence knowing it is the eco tanned, baby safe lambskins from our range that we have used to make all made to measures.

The natural beauty and softness of Gabe and Grace Lambskin products are factors that set them apart from other brands. Our Grade A Merino lambskins are dense and fluffy and provide a luxurious, comforting and relaxing surrounding whilst on the move, or at home. Babies tend to be calmer and more comfortable on lambskins while they spend much time lying down and thriving in their early months.

BENEFITS  for your baby include:

  • Merino has hygroscopic properties, making it suitable for babies in hot and cold weather.
  • Gentle on baby's skin.
  • Absorbs moisture and releases back into the air, so the lambskin stays dry too.
  • Hygienically clean, minor spills can be sponged off with our spot cleaner.
  • Anti-bacterial: wool is naturally dirt repellent.
  • Aids sleep promotion, by helping to balance temperature.
  • The dense pile relieves pressure points as the wool provides a cosy cushioned effect