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Sheepskin Wool Wash & Wire Brush (Plus sample of Spot Cleaner)

Brand: Gabe And Grace
Product Code: CAR044
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Sheepskin Wool Wash & Wire Brush (Plus sample of Spot Cleaner)

When you purchase the G&G Wool Wash Shampoo, you will receive a 225ml bottle of wool wash, a wire brush and a 50ml smaple bottle of G&G Spot Cleaner to freshen up your sheepskin in between washes.  

G&G sheepskin wool wash is psecially formaulated to use on G&G sheepkins. Based on naturally derived ingredients such as wheat protein and coconut oil. 

Follow washing instructions carefully. Always try to deal with localised soiling immediately, by using our spot cleaner first.  

Manufactured in the UK exclusively for G&G. 

Key Points
Offer Includes1 x bottle 300ml of Gabe & Grace Lambskin Wool Wash. 1 x large wire brush.
IngredientsGabe & Grace Lambskin Wool Wash contains natural ingredients including coconut oil and wheat protein.